"Our site has been up for five years and generates as much income as our retail store. We couldn't have done it without Steve Hoffman and Idealonweb. Steve set up the shopping cart, helped with the design and graphics, set up a system so that I can update parts of our web page from the internet, optimized the file sizes for easy viewing, and mainly allows me to sleep at night knowing my customers are seeing our products the way they should. It's been a great investment." Jeff Ainsworth   www.bigfuton.com

E-Commerce Solutions
Idealonweb offers many tools to help you communicate to your customer the value of doing business with you. All of our sites feature a clean layout and navigational system. In addition, our E-Commerce sites include a catalog section with a means for the customer to purchase products online.

We invite you to try our online demos of both the standard catalog/shopping cart system and the database-driven online storefront (below) or visit our e-commerce portfolio.

The standard cart is generally recommended where a limited number of items will be offered. We set it up with all of your product information and modify the information for you as need. This cart features a highly customizable, uncluttered layout that is easy for the customer to navigate. The product pages are search engine friendly as well.

The database-driven storefront is recommended for clients who have a large number of products or where the product information needs to be updated frequently. You manage the store yourself through an administrative control panel that completely handles your online store data.
NOTE:(Administration User Name: demo/Password: demo)

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