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Industry Solutions: Automobile Sales
Online research has enormous importance in the pre-purchase decision process of new and used car buyers.

Industry sources contend that 60% of new car and 34% of used car purchases in the United States are preceded by online research.

Therefore, dealerships with a complete online inventory attract more buyers. Buyers are looking for sites that are simple to use, fast-loading, and packed with current information. Auto dealers need a marketing tool that is affordable, easy to update in-house (zero maintenance cost), and conveys information to buyers in a way that generates results.

Idealonweb makes this easy and affordable!

Five online mistakes that help your competitors
1. You have no site at all: Forget about the thousands of potential customers already searching online in your local market for a moment. Think about the potential customers that spot something on your lot while driving by; when they get home and search Google for your dealership and find nothing, you can be sure they'll click on your competitor's site that comes up in the search results instead.

2. You have a "weak" site: Perhaps you have a static brochure-type site that doesn't list anything except your business hours and contact information. Perhaps your current site is unorganized and tough to navigate - not a good reflection of your business. You might show up in Google's search results, but the dissatisfied customer leaves your site and clicks on your competitor's.

3. You sign on with a third-party auto search site (Auto-Trader, etc.): You have your complete inventory online, but vehicle searches conducted on these mega sites are filtered by the customer's zip code, bringing back your local competition's listings (within a 25-50 mile radius) as well as your own.

4. You're paying hugely expensive monthly fees: Your partnership with the national third-party mega site costs you hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. This puts a big hole in your local advertising budget and your bottom line.

5. Virtually unusable web address: The URL (web address) to your online inventory on a third-party site would be something like: BusinessName

How are you going to market that locally (print, signage, radio)?

Attract customers to YOUR online inventory
Idealonweb Design and Internet Marketing integrates a customized web site with a powerful content management system designed to give you complete control over your online inventory using only your favorite web browser and an Internet connection. It allows you to give potential customers access to your vehicle lot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of their pajamas.

Idealonweb's management system is so simple that anyone on your staff can use it.

IMPORTANT: This is an independent system that requires no third-party involvement or expense ( Auto-Trader, etc.); it is not a shared system.

Owning your own web site is an affordable way to expose YOUR entire inventory to potential customers without helping them find the competition. Your URL, domain name, and email address would reflect your real business name:

If you are currently happy using a third-party system for online inventory management/lead generation but want to take advantage of a marketable domain name and local drive-bys, Idealonweb can build a customized gateway web site as an entrance to the third-party database.

If you currently own a well-organized, fast-loading web site which is just lacking an online inventory management system, Idealonweb can integrate the system into your existing site.